Dolomites Elopement Seceda and Alpe Di Siusi

Oct 11, 2022

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Models: Chiara Busetti + Laura Manzan

Dress Brand: Daughters of Simone

Florals: Anneris Flower Farm

After spending time in the Dolomites in Northern Italy this year, I am convinced it is one of the best choices for an international destination elopement or intimate wedding. With unlimited views of high mountain peaks, rolling green hills, alpine lakes, a variety of outdoor adventures, bavarian style houses set in quaint mountain towns with lots of options for lodging — It makes for an incredible place for an epic adventure. If you have the time, I recommend taking around a week to explore this incredible corner of the world, to really soak in the entirety of the experience the Dolomites have to offer.

WHERE ARE THE DOLOMITES? Located in northeast Italy near the border of Austria, the Dolomites became a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009. The Italian Dolomites belong to the Alps Mountain Range also extending to France, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which are located close abroad. The Dolomites cover a large area and offer a diverse landscape with seemingly endless locations to explore.


SUMMER- Mid June to Mid October: This period is when the trails are open and mostly free from snow and the Rifugos are open. This period is also great if you want to experience activities such as climbing/Ferrata or paragliding. Keep in mind busy season is the heat of summer, July-August, so expect more people.

AUTUMN- We visited the Dolomites in September and thought it was a great time to visit for a few reasons. First, it is at the end of summer and start of autumn, so the weather is sunny, but not too hot. The fall colours are stunning, and the temperatures are much cooler. September is right after the busy season so there are less people and everything is still open. There is a good chance to have some clouds which I personally LOVE as it adds to the dimension of the landscape and provides soft lighting for incredible photos. September or October would be great choices for a hiking or climbing elopement.

WINTER- The winter period in the Dolomites lasts from late November through April, though you may find snow on some trails until the end of June. Winter is a great choice if you want snow to be present for your elopement, think skiing/snowshoeing. During Winter, some locations that are easy to reach in the summer will be inaccessible and lakes can be frozen over. Remember to ask in the car rental about special winter tires and chains.

Mid-April to mid-June and mid-October through mid-December is considered to be in between the summer and winter tourist seasons so many of the hotel, ski lifts and mountain huts close down.

LOCATIONS The options are endless. You could choose to have a single day experience or a multi-day elopement hiking through the mountains and staying in the authentic mountain lodges throughout the Dolomites. Waking up for an intimate sunrise vow ceremony with the epic views all to yourselves. There are rifugos in the remote parts of mountains on the trails which makes it likely to have a secluded and private ceremony. Want a ceremony with less activity or better accessibility? Most spots can be visited by cable car. Or, take a road trip over one of the many mountain passes and find a unique + private spot on the trails off of the pass to have a more secluded location. These are some of the most iconic views in the Dolomites. It should be noted the Dolomites have been gaining popularity with more people visiting and therefore some of the more well known areas may lack privacy depending on the time of day and time of year. In addition to these specific locations, there is always the option to find a more secluded and private location without people around for your ceremony. In this case, I will provide location scouting to find a perfect location for your ceremony- wether that be a lesser known location or a trail off the main path with the same views and less people- always following Leave No Trace principles to promote preservation of the lands we explore. There are so many incredible locations to choose from when planning your elopement or intimate wedding in the Dolomites. Each come with some specific travel requirements such as how to get there, length and difficulty hiking, where to stay.

I have an extensive Dolomites Elopement guide based on my own personal experience and research from multiple trips to the area in Autumn, Winter, and Summer. I would love to chat more about your Dolomites elopement vision!

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